Hazing Prevention, It’s Everyone’s Responsibility Module

UCF is “Leading the Charge against Hazing” by implementing prevention and intervention programs that focus on strengthening the UCF community. One of our major programs is “Hazing Prevention, It’s Everyone’s Responsibility,” an evidence-based online course, reflecting best practices established by leading academics studying hazing prevention. The course has recently been made available for all students in the state of Florida.

  • If not completed, a hold will be placed on your myUCF account preventing registration for future semesters


  • For assistance with technical issues after log-in, contact the support helpdesk for questions. You may click on the support link on the top right hand side of the first page of the module.
  • Print out the completion certificate at the end of the program for your records in case there are any technical difficulties.
  • For questions, concerns, or more information, send an email to HazingPrevention@ucf.edu or contact Germayne Graham at 407-823-2223.
  • First-Time-In-College (FTIC) Freshmen and Transfer students are required to complete the Hazing Prevention 101, It’s Everyone’s Responsibility Module.
  • Returning students may complete the optional refresher course Hazing Prevention 101, It’s Everyone’s Responsibility Refresher Module.

When prompted through notification on your to-do-list on your myUCF page:

  • Go to: ucf.prevent.zone.
  • Please click on the Hazing Prevention 101: It’s Everyone’s Responsibility course which is the first course listed. You are not required to complete the Fraternity and Sorority Life Module unless you have been invited. The Hazing Prevention 101: It’s Everyone’s Responsibility Refresher course is listed at the bottom.
  • You will be asked to log in using your UCF Federated Identity (this screen should look very familiar to you).
  • Please complete the profile section with your email address and requested information.
  • You will then be asked to complete a short initial survey. Please answer all questions.
  • You will proceed through each section of the module completing a quiz and final survey at the end.
  • Once you have completed the survey you will receive a certificate of completion
  • Hold onto this the certificate of completion as proof of completion, as well as to take advantage of opportunities during National Hazing Prevention Week in the Fall semester and Leadership Week in the Spring Semester.

For First-Time-In-College (FTIC) and Transfer admitted students:

  • Once you successfully complete the module you will receive an electronic certificate. You do not need to send in this certificate. It will be automatically submitted to the Campus coordinator of the online module.
  • The requirement is not automatically removed from your to-do-list after successful completion of the program
  • Student information is sent on a weekly basis to the registrar’s office to have the requirement removed from to-do-lists
  • Allow at least two to three weeks for the requirement to be removed from a to-do-list