Academic Integrity

The Academic Integrity module aims to assist UCF students in becoming familiar with the following:

  • UCF’s policies on academic misconduct
  • University consequences of academic misconduct
  • Strategies of how to demonstrate academic integrity

All students required to complete the academic integrity module will be enrolled into a webcourse. Students will receive notification of the module opening through webcourses and via email.

The academic integrity module is scheduled to open in February 2024.

In February 2024, students will receive notification from webcourses and Knight’s email.  Prompt will instruct student to log onto and then go under classes to Academic Integrity.

Students who fail to complete the module by the end of the spring 2024 semester, may have a hold placed on their account. This hold may prevent registration for the upcoming semester.

Students report it takes an average of 1-2 hours to complete the module.

Students need to score an 80% or higher to successfully pass the module.

Yes, students have 3 attempts to earn an 80% or higher.

Every undergraduate student is required to complete the academic integrity module.  There is a separate academic integrity module for graduate students.

No, all new graduate students will be required to complete a separate graduate student academic integrity module.

For assistance with Obojobo or technical issues after log-in, contact Webcourses@UCF Support at or call (407) 823-0407.

For general questions regarding the Academic Integrity module, contact

For questions related to academic integrity at UCF, contact Student Conduct and Academic Integrity at 407-823-4683 or