Attention UCF Knights! Summer 2019/Fall 2019

Posted Friday, June 14, 2019 @ 11:55 AM

You may have received communication or have learned about a requirement called Honor Your Knighthood.

  • All Summer and Fall 2019 UCF Knights, regardless of program, major, degree, are required to complete all four (4) modules associated with Honor Your Knighthood
  • These four (4) modules DO NOT have to be completed by your scheduled orientation date
  • The completion of these four (4) modules do not interfere with receiving or disbursement of financial aid awards
  • The completion of these four (4) modules do not interfere with registering for classes during orientation

We encourage the completion of these four (4) individual modules prior to deadlines determined. Please be aware that each module has a unique access date (when the module is available to take) and a unique deadline date as well.

Failure to complete each of these modules by their respected deadlines will result in a hold on myUCF accounts. This hold will prevent registration for future semesters.